Work With a NetSuite Solution Consultant to Improve Your ROI

A small business working with a NetSuite solution consultant

The Oracle NetSuite ERP platform represents a clear upgrade over legacy software solutions for business, accounting, and finance. But if you want to thrive in your industry and minimize time to value using a new solution, you should work with a NetSuite solution consultant.

Unfortunately, many businesses facilitate their NetSuite implementation in-house or partner with a firm that offers little to no post-deployment support. So, what happens when your business changes or you add new employees who need help utilizing NetSuite? If you’ve used one of these avenues to implement NetSuite, you won’t see the total value of NetSuite.

Learn why we recommend working with our team at Finlyte to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI), give you a distinct edge over your competition, and ensure that you tap into the full potential of NetSuite.

What Does a NetSuite Solution Consultant Do?

A NetSuite solution consultant is an expert specializing in implementing, customizing, and using the NetSuite solution. A consultant will work for a firm like Finlyte that is composed of highly experienced NetSuite experts, all of whom are familiar with the capabilities of the dynamic platform.

The primary function of a NetSuite consultant is to guide your use of the platform. They should also offer hands-on NetSuite support that may involve the further customization of your platform, the configuration of new modules, or assisting with integrating new software.

When searching for a prospective consulting partner, ensure that they provide the following:

  • Industry expertise
  • Ongoing support
  • Custom scripting services
  • Workflow development
  • Clear and transparent communication

A partner that exhibits these characteristics will be able to provide measurable value for your business and move you closer toward your organizational goals.

Why Use a NetSuite Solution Consultant?

NetSuite ERP provides unmatched transparency and data visibility across your organization. You can use the platform to streamline decision-making and capitalize on growth opportunities. However, it’s important to have a consultant continuously review whether the platform is serving all of your business needs.

As you continue using the ERP platform, you will discover additional opportunities to maximize your ROI and optimize overall business productivity. Still, you may not know precisely how to take advantage of those emerging opportunities.

That is where a NetSuite consultant can deliver real value for your business. A consultant can refine your ERP, thereby increasing its capabilities and helping you take full advantage of the NetSuite platform.

Specifically, a Finlyte consultant can help in the following ways.

1. Provide Additional NetSuite Module Configuration and Training

NetSuite has over a dozen modules, each of which includes a unique set of tools, features, and functions. During your initial deployment, you may have only implemented a few of these modules to keep your costs in check and avoid overwhelming your staff. But there will come a time to increase your use of the platform.

Finlyte’s consulting team can help you realize a positive ROI by looking for areas of growth and improvement:

  • Identify and implement additional NetSuite modules.
  • Improve ERP functionality and performance.
  • Support successful deployments and foster employee buy-in.
  • Provide comprehensive training.
  • Teach your staff how to use NetSuite’s full array of tools, capabilities, and features.

When providing training support, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your business. We present information in a digestible format using approved training materials to promote retention.

Overall, a consultant will work hard to find ways to make NetSuite work even better for your organization.

2. Create Custom Fields, Records, or Reports

NetSuite allows you to create custom fields, records, and reports, helping you gain detailed insights into your business. Once these fields are generated, you can reuse your templates to create new reports in minutes, streamlining reporting processes and promoting compliance in heavily regulated industries like those in the financial sector.

The only downside is that creating these custom fields can be somewhat challenging at first. However, Finlyte’s consulting professionals can help you identify which custom fields you should create. We can also assist with the development of custom fields, which will expedite reporting processes and ensure that you use all of your valuable business data.

3. Configure Client-Specific Dashboards

NetSuite is known for providing dynamic, customizable dashboards that allow you to obtain a high-level overview of business performance without having to track down individual reports.

Every authorized user can configure their dashboard, presenting them with information relevant to their role within the organization. Mastering these configurations involves a steep learning curve, so your team may be underutilizing this feature.

Finlyte can assist with configuring client-specific dashboards and provide detailed training on the topic so your various department leaders can customize their interfaces and enhance data visibility.

4. Provide Workflow Development

If your business is not using NetSuite ERP to automate workflows and eliminate tedious approval processes, you are diminishing your ROI and overlooking one of NetSuite’s most powerful capabilities.

The NetSuite platform includes sophisticated machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and other automation tools to help increase organizational productivity and efficiency.

At Finlyte, we provide workflow development services that automate core business processes and approval protocols. Our NetSuite experts will help you systematically identify mission-critical tasks that are suitable for automation. We will then oversee the creation and implementation of these automated workflows to increase business efficiency.

5. Offer Customized Scripting

NetSuite includes a broad range of powerful, native tools that you can use to promote business growth and increase profitability. In addition to the built-in capabilities, the platform is highly customizable. You just need access to coding expertise.

Don’t worry. You won’t need to go out and hire a team of coders specializing in NetSuite customization – Finlyte has you covered.

Our consulting team includes experienced coding professionals that can write custom scripts for your ERP platform. These services are designed to help you make NetSuite your own and ensure that all of your company’s enterprise resource planning needs are met.

Why Finlyte as Your NetSuite Solution Consultant?

As an award-winning NetSuite partner, Finlyte provides ERP optimization services for all existing NetSuite users. We partner with clients in numerous industries to help them derive more value from their NetSuite investment.

On average, our team members have ten years or more of relevant experience. As such, Finlyte consultants understand the nuances associated with deploying and subsequently using NetSuite ERP.We are here to help you take advantage of the platform’s full capabilities.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity to maximize your ROI and decrease your time to value by contacting Finlyte. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about our NetSuite optimization services.

We look forward to discussing your goals and setting you up with a NetSuite solution consultant to support your specific platform use.