The Lyte Advantage

Technology-Enabled Solutions for the SME Marketplace

Broad technology-driven solutions utilized by larger corporations are now available to smaller and leaner companies (ERP and CRM solutions, digital banking, and electronic payments). Cloud-based financial applications are becoming the mainstream choice in the small-to-medium enterprise space (SME). These advances are affordable and offer superior data security and linkage to other technology platforms.  By outsourcing your financial management to Finlyte you can enjoy all the benefits of these exciting solutions with expert support and guidance.

Streamlined Financial Management

As a company grows the operational demands grow too. These challenges require investment to remain useful and compliant. As a Finlyte client we can plug you directly in to our proven system so you can enjoy the benefits right away.


Finlyte enhances the timeliness, quality, and transparency of financial information for owners/investors in the SME segment.

Cost Savings

As a FinLyte client you will have access to the latest technology and cloud based accounting tools for less which means you’ll have more money and time to invest back into the growth of your business.


You will have access to a deep bench of financial management resources plus an executive team each with over 25 years of relevant experience covering all aspects of managing successful companies and investing in a variety of operating businesses.  We strongly believe in efficient access to relevant financial metrics and will bring this commitment to your business.


We are uniquely focused on the professional investor community in our approach towards companies and opportunities through the experience of our founding partners and in our commitment towards proactive financial management.


Finlyte believes in the importance of acquiring meaningful financial outputs in both a timely and efficient way for decision makers and stakeholders.