5 Ways Finlyte Can Make NetSuite Work EVEN Better for You

Business executive considering how to optimize usability of Oracle ERP software

As one of the leaders in Oracle NetSuite implementation, we pride ourselves in the ability to deliver best practices and process improvements inside of the Oracle NetSuite ERP cloud-based platform. We work with our clients to build your team’s capabilities, which improves the overall experience and usability of the NetSuite platform.

Our goal is to provide clients with a clear path forward to leverage the latest capabilities of the Oracle NetSuite ERP solution, discover additional ROI opportunities by implementing new features, and continue to refine the process of how your team uses the ERP system.

Quick Ways to Make Oracle NetSuite ERP Even More Powerful

Oracle NetSuite offers tremendous value right out of the box for growing companies, including capabilities for advanced accounting, financial, and business processes. After you’ve seen success with your first phase of use with NetSuite, it might be time to consider each of these NetSuite additions and training solutions from Finlyte.

1. Custom Workflows

Custom workflows and approvals might include purchase orders, sales orders, expense management, or other activity that requires specific approval before being fully processed. This is ideal for companies that need to customize how they track a growing amount of activity to create efficiencies and time-savings.

These workflows help ensure that business processes are followed per your specific needs. Because no two businesses are alike, spending time with the Finlyte team to configure your particular workflow needs can add even better control and automation. The approval workflows can help keep business moving while new orders or purchases are added in real time.

2. Additional Configurations and Training

Finlyte provides additional software module configurations and training opportunities to increase usability as your needs change.

For example, as your business grows, you may no longer wish to track and manage depreciation schedules for fixed assets in a spreadsheet, a different piece of accounting software, or general business applications.

Working with you, our team can configure modules that were not originally needed in the initial implementation. The result of introducing these modules is considerable time-savings and greater efficiencies for your team.

3. Record Customization and Refinement

As you get familiar with your ERP, there may come a time when your company wishes to refine or change the way certain records are configured in Oracle NetSuite.

During the initial set-up and implementation, you were able to configure any record to your expected needs (e.g. customer records, vendor records, and bills). However, sometimes it takes real-world use to find out exactly how you would like to create, manage, and store records, prompting the need for some refinements.

Finlyte can help you review the fields and layouts of your records, then strategize how to customize the fields to your appropriate needs. Once refined, this will create time-savings for your team and add to the power of your reporting.

4. Dashboards and Saved Searches

NetSuite allows for each role to have a specific view when they log into the system. The software suite includes a “dashboard” that can include visual information in portlets. With some refinement, dashboards can provide an enhanced view to each user, providing a person with very specific details that pertain to their regular responsibilities.

Finlyte regularly helps our clients use the power of “Saved Searches.” Users can easily search for specific information and then save that search to pull up for future use. Think of it as performing an online search in a search engine and then saving that search for easy access in the future. Our team can help find creative ways of optimizing saved searches so that users see the most helpful information immediately when they log into the system.

5. Training for New Users

You likely migrated to NetSuite because you were a growing company and wanted an enterprise resource planning system to scale with you. As you onboard new employees, we can help train your team on your particular usage of NetSuite as well as provide refreshers for existing users. Even the best of us can use some reminders now and again!

Finlyte makes it easy to provide training on the features, functions, and best practices of the platform. We’ll help get your team up-to-speed on new additions and the core features that make NetSuite the leading ERP solution for growing companies.

Work With Finlyte for Greater Usability of Oracle NetSuite ERP

Regardless of where you are in your NetSuite journey, we would like to hear from you to see how we can support your team through our NetSuite Optimization professional services.

When you’re ready, we’ll set up a brief conversation to walk through your current use of NetSuite and help identify areas for improvement. Our team can quickly return a potential plan for key configuration or training needs. We’ll also lay out the potential time and cost of the project. Then, we’ll follow through with a project management approach that ensures greater confidence for your team using NetSuite.

Contact us today to discuss NetSuite optimization so that your team can start taking advantage of these additional features included in the Oracle ERP system.