About Finlyte

Illuminating Financial Data and Performance for Companies Worldwide

Finlyte was founded on a simple idea: Every business owner deserves navigation and illumination. Our lighthouse logo isn’t just a picture that we thought looked nice, it’s our mission statement. Whether you’re the founder and CEO of your company or you own one share, you deserve to know how your investment is doing.

Our goal is to combine our team’s knowledge and experience with the power of the NetSuite family of tools to bring guidance and transparency to your company’s finances. Finlyte is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but our clients and our influence spread across the country and beyond.

And now, we’d like to turn on the light for you.

Timeline of Milestone Events:

February 7, 2018
February 2018
June 2018
January 2019
Summer/October 2019
March 2020
June 2021
August 2021

Legally incorporated the company

Became BPO partner

NetSuite alliance partner

Opened Manila office in Philippines
Enrolled 100th customer
The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a pivotal point of growth for Finlyte leading to great success

Added working partners

Became an authorized NetSuite VAR

Our Mission

We Are Passionate About Helping Leaders

Finlyte can free you from focusing on your finances and let you get back to the passion that led you to your company in the first place. We’ll bring new transparency to your books.

Our Focus

We Are Dedicated to the NetSuite Family of Tools

We’re proud to be named the Oracle NetSuite 2020 Partner of the Year because we believe in the incredible ability of these tools. Let us show you what the leading cloud-based ERP can do for your business.
two men work together to complete a project

Our Results

Our Clients Easily Recognize Their Return On Investment

Finlyte gets you up and running quickly so you can start reaping the benefits of the NetSuite software. When you see how much you’re saving, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner.