Why NetSuite for Private Equity and Wealth Management

A business owner reviews the differences between their private equity and wealth management options.

Oracle NetSuite has become the top ERP software choice to help private equity and wealth management firms manage complex investment activity. The platform satisfies the unique requirements of these types of firms:

  • Asset Management Firms
  • Multi-Family Offices
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Single Family Offices
  • Wealth Management
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Fund Management Firms
  • Private Equity Firms

Find out why firms are turning to the leading cloud-based, all-in-one ERP platform to simplify day-to-day activities and provide real-time, robust reporting.

NetSuite Features that Streamline Processes

Is your firm tired of relying on a bloated chart of accounts, highly detailed journal entries, and Excel spreadsheets to navigate daily activity? Find out how NetSuite can help you reduce wasted effort, improve auditing, and provide you with necessary visibility to support deal flow management.

Superlative Financial Visibility

  • Single cloud-based system tailored to your business needs.
  • Real-time data for all subsidiaries in one system.
  • Aggregated complex reporting is now simplified with visibility covering all investment portfolios, real estate investment, equity investments, and other business areas.
  • Firms are empowered to quickly identify trends, issues, and growth opportunities.
  • Real-time dashboards in NetSuite provide robust reporting analysis and the ability to customize for each user to only show the relevant data to that user. Each user only has visibility into the investment or portfolios that are relevant to them.

Built-in Compliance

Compliance is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful investment firm. NetSuite has features that simplify compliance to align with GAAP and other global reporting standards, which helps mitigate risk for the organization.

  • Processes built-in natively to manage complex operational and regulatory compliance risks as your company scales.
  • Robust automation creates better efficiency across all processes.
  • Audit any data changes to assure the integrity of your financial data.
  • Country level reporting with pre-built tax filing documentation.
  • Rule-based reporting engine for detailed financial reporting in multiple accounting standards.
  • Unparalleled audit trail with the ability to see into reports, transactions, and saved searches.

Security of a True Cloud ERP

  • Externally Audited. NetSuite is Audited to PCI DSS and PA DSS, SSAE18 and ISAE 3402 standards, and ISO 27001 and 27018, SOC 1 Type 2, and SOC 2 Type.
  • Assurance and Accuracy. Accurate documentation of transactions and Financials Statements that stakeholders can trust.
  • Asset Protection. Strong encryption, robust roles-based access, and strong password requirements.
  • Fraud Risk Reduction. Uninterrupted monitoring of financial controls with saved searches, email and alerts, solid reporting, and dashboards that make it easier to detect fraudulent activity.
  • Audit Friendly. Easy validate internal controls in NetSuite to assure that controls are in place and working as intended.

Unrivaled Accounting and Financial Capabilities

  • Seamless Platform. The seamless and easy-to-navigate NetSuite application provides investment firms with access to unparalleled financial and accounting processes. NetSuite’s technology has made it the preferred ERP in the market.
  • Pre-Built Reports. NetSuite’s reporting capabilities include over 100 pre-configured reports and the ability to create custom reports easily. With the ability for the reporting to be specific to a role, each job function can see only the KPI and metrics pertinent to their position. This allows you to monitor the critical data points within your organization.
  • Worldwide Capabilities. Quickly expand into global markets with ease. OneWorld by NetSuite offers a global platform with multi-subsidiary, multi-currency, global eCommerce, and resource planning, all in real-time.
  • Scale to Need. NetSuite is designed to be with you from company infancy and grow with you as your business changes; this growth could be additional employees, product expansion, subsidiary additions, or global expansion. With the ability to add services as needed, this flexibility is invaluable to a business.
  • Pass Through Costs. Easily track direct and indirect costs. These can be quickly followed and billed to individual funds, investments, or portfolio companies.  You have the ability to allocate financial information to one or many companies with ease.  Also, you can easily decide if costs should be billed back or handled another way if a deal was not formally completed.
  • Allocations. Leveraging NetSuite’s capabilities, you can significantly reduce the time to allocate expenses such as employee payroll and overhead legal bills. This functionality is a massive benefit to investment firms.
  • Dashboards. Analytics are easily shared across subsidiaries through custom dashboards.
  • Real-Time Information. NetSuite real-time data gives you constant visibility into your data, including profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statements, and budget vs. actual costs.
  • Audit Trail. NetSuite’s audit trail tracks creation date, modification records, and who created the entry.

Take NetSuite Functionality to the Next Level with ION by Finlyte

Finlyte offers a dedicated solution to support the financial community’s use of the NetSuite ERP platform. ION (Investment Optimization for NetSuite) is designed to help investment funds track, manage, and account for all their investments in one location.

Using our custom solution, you can track the entire life cycle of an asset from sourcing to liquidation while maintaining a clear view of profitability. Our solution reduces overhead, solves errors, and minimizes difficulty during an audit. ION is ideal for family offices, private equity, venture capital, and wealth management firms that need to consolidate processes and easily view performance.

Key Features of ION

  • Investment and Investor Management. Automate the accounting workflow based on the structure of each deal.
  • Trailing Expenses. Flag expenses to be paid or allocated by the investor, investment, or fund.
  • Cap Table Automation. Track each investor’s share amount, purchase prices, date, unrealized value, and other details.
  • Distributions. Break out distributions across investors, categorize income for K1 reporting, and satisfy uncalled capital commitments.
  • Liquidations. Automatically calculate realized gains/ losses from liquidation and provide users with the flexibility to maximize or minimize gains/losses.
  • Deal Relationship Management (DRM). Track the entire process of an investment from sourcing to funding and create a seamless handoff to accounting.

Plus, we are working on new features to enhance our ION solution. We are planning to unveil features such as Waterfall Distribution Automation, K1 Reporting Automation, Safe Notes & Bond Automation, and Investor Onboarding to serve the latest needs of investment firms.

Finlyte Delivers Short Timelines and Fast Results

Now is the time to illuminate your investment activity. Organizations that depend on effectively managing portfolios of investments will benefit from the transparency and operational efficiencies unlocked by our solution. NetSuite is ready to be implemented according to your schedule!

Request a demo today! Get in touch with our ION solution expert Austen Wise to learn more about our solution for private equity and wealth management firms. Email [email protected] or submit an inquiry today!