Which Private Equity Tools Does Your Firm Need?

An investment firm reviewing which private equity tools they need for success.

Leveraging the right private equity tools can enable your private equity firm to deliver better value to investors, be more productive, and pave the way for its future growth. However, you may need more information about which tools fit the bill for your firm’s specific needs.

While there are many tools and systems out there for fund managers, one solution stands out from the rest – the best-in-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution known as Oracle NetSuite ERP.

Oracle NetSuite includes a robust set of tools, features, and capabilities that give venture capital and private equity firms a competitive edge. If your P/E firm has been searching for software solutions to modernize core business processes, we invite you to join us as we explore why NetSuite is a clear choice.

Benefits of NetSuite for P/E Firms

NetSuite is the go-to ERP solution for private equity firms because it provides the following benefits.

1. Real-Time Visibility

Performing due diligence is traditionally a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. However, NetSuite can expedite the process by providing your firm with access to real-time data.

NetSuite’s cloud-based platform can also be used to replace a multitude of disparate systems. As such, NetSuite is a solution that increases visibility throughout your entire organization:

  • Eliminates data silos.
  • Sheds light on informational blind spots.
  • Enables you to continuously monitor the financial health of your portfolios.

NetSuite also expedites reporting processes by delivering superior visibility, allowing you to keep your investors in the loop. You’ll be able to build trust, strengthen your brand reputation, and establish yourself as a leader within the P/E industry.

2. Superior Flexibility

One of the most significant downsides of using aging private equity tools, such as on-premises software, is its rigidity. Older solutions are inflexible, costly to scale, and incapable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of modern P/E firms.

Conversely, a dynamic, cloud-based solution like NetSuite offers the flexibility you need to adapt to the ever-changing private equity industry.

As a cloud-based solution, NetSuite provides you with its available resources via an as-needed delivery model. In other words, you will only pay for the resources you need when you need them. This approach will keep your information technology costs in check while simultaneously ensuring that you always have access to adequate computing resources.

3. Best-in-Class Tools

If your firm has ever relied on spreadsheets and basic accounting software, then you know just how tedious and inefficient such an approach can be. Fortunately, you can leave rudimentary software behind you by transitioning to NetSuite’s ERP solution.

NetSuite includes over a dozen modules and numerous best-in-class tools intrinsically designed to promote business efficiency. The platform has the tools necessary to replace legacy finance and accounting solutions.

4. End-to-End Solutions

The NetSuite ERP platform truly is an end-to-end solution that provides P/E firms with advanced accounting and finance tools. However, NetSuite also has the tools to oversee core business functions, such as human resources (HR) operations and customer relationship management (CRM)  tasks.

NetSuite is the most sophisticated, dynamic, and flexible solution for P/E firms, providing a single source of truth that will house the entirety of your firm’s critical financial data.

5. Compliance Management Capabilities

The private equity industry and other financial sectors are subject to stringent regulatory requirements.

As you have probably experienced firsthand, keeping up with and adhering to these requirements can be labor-intensive. Failing to satisfy compliance requirements can expose you and your investors to undue risks and cause you to incur hefty penalties.

Fortunately, NetSuite helps simplify compliance, as it includes built-in accounting standards so that you can adhere to relevant regulatory requirements. Additionally, NetSuite includes several other features that aid in compliance. Specifically, creating detailed audit trails.

No matter what regulatory requirements your P/E firm is tasked with following, NetSuite can help you take the hassle out of compliance.

6. A Single Source of Truth

Chances are you have had the unfortunate experience of wasting hours of your day scouring records for a key piece of information on more than one occasion. Just imagine how much more productive you and your team would be if you could access all key financial data from a single platform. With NetSuite, you can achieve that level of productivity and then some.

NetSuite has the power to serve as a single source of truth and a consolidated repository for all of your operational and financial data:

  • Manage information from across multiple portfolios.
  • Analyze performance data across several investments.
  • Gain actionable insights that you can use to inform decision-making.

7. Dynamic Reporting Tools

NetSuite ERP features user-friendly, intuitive dashboards that your team can use to closely monitor the status of your portfolios. Additionally, NetSuite provides robust reporting tools that you can use to transform financial data into easy-to-digest graphs or charts.

Unlike many other ERP systems, NetSuite also allows you to generate custom reports at the touch of a button. You do not need to know how to code or navigate complex menus; even the most tech-averse individuals on your team can create insightful reports with NetSuite.

How ION Magnifies the Capabilities of NetSuite

There is no question that NetSuite ERP provides the private equity tools your firm needs to thrive. But before you can tap into these powerful tools, you must ensure that NetSuite is properly implemented.

Traditionally, implementing a fully-integrated enterprise resource planning solution is challenging, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Fortunately, there is a way to accelerate this process and decrease the time to value of your NetSuite investment.

Finlyte’s proprietary solution, Investment Optimization for NetSuite (ION), is designed to help your private equity fund track, manage, and monitor all investments via NetSuite.

The ION framework expedites your NetSuite implementation and configuration so that you can start leveraging this powerful solution. Through our ION solution, you will be able to:

  • Engage in dynamic reporting
  • Optimize cash management
  • Implement robust financial controls
  • Achieve 360-degree visibility
  • Create a single source of truth

ION was built specifically for private equity and venture capital firms. It is a framework that enables our team to customize the NetSuite implementation project based on your organization’s unique needs.

Additionally, ION accelerates the NetSuite deployment process, allowing you to start utilizing the platform in as little as 60 days. By day 90, you will be able to start obtaining meaningful investment outcome insights from your tailored platform.

Connect with Finlyte to Learn More About Private Equity Tools

Investing in the right private equity tools is critical to the success of your P/E firm. While there are many tools of the trade that your business should leverage to deliver value for investors, none are more robust or capable than NetSuite.

On its own, NetSuite can significantly increase your ability to serve your investors and guide decision-making processes. Additionally, you can decrease time to value and accelerate the implementation of NetSuite by taking advantage of our solution for your industry.

ION is precisely designed to streamline the migration process and customize the platform to meet the needs of your P/E firm.

To learn more, connect with Finlyte to schedule a consultation. We would be glad to discuss the benefits of ION and begin planning your NetSuite implementation project.