What is the Best Private Equity Accounting Software?

A businessman using private equity accounting software

Private equity accounting is a specialized area of accounting that focuses on the unique financial reporting and tax compliance needs of private equity firms and their portfolio companies. At its core, private equity accounting is all about understanding and managing the complex financial relationships between private equity firms, their portfolio companies, and investors.

When looking for the best private equity accounting software, many options are available on the market. However, not all of these software options are created equal. If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile cloud-based private equity accounting software, you’ll want to check out Oracle NetSuite.

NetSuite provides users with a comprehensive set of tools for managing finances, operations, customer relations, and more. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the key features that make NetSuite such a powerful business solution for private equity accounting.

Key Features of Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is scalable, flexible, and provides a suite of features that are essential for private equity firms of all sizes, from firms that are just starting to outgrow QuickBooks to those that are grossing billions in revenue.

Customized and Prebuilt Reports

NetSuite’s software is easy to use and provides a real-time view of your financial data, including the ability to track investments, manage portfolios, and generate reports. This allows you to make informed decisions about your investments and monitor your portfolios closely.

Oracle NetSuite says, regarding their private equity accounting software features, that companies can “[d]iagnose financial issues on the fly, and drill down to individual transactions to quickly diagnose and correct problems” as well as “[i]dentify trends as they develop, take action and monitor results in real time.”

Using this real-time data, you can generate prebuilt reports with fixed metrics that can be easily standardized to the branding and marketing strategies of your firm. The prebuilt options offer a variety of presentation styles as well as functions and formatting styles to spotlight significant data, making presentations to investors, stakeholders, and board members more effective and efficient.

Priya Emerson, CFO of OnePlus Systems, told NetSuite in 2018, “As a portfolio company we do have management requirements and board meetings that we must prepare for—NetSuite automates a lot of our management reporting that we would otherwise be spending hours creating.”

Carve-Outs and Add-Ons

In order to accommodate the complex and risky elements inherent in carve-out transactions, Oracle NetSuite offers assistance with implementing all aspects of the changeover process in accordance with transition service agreements (TSA) while minimizing business disruption for all parties.

Similarly, with add-ons such as mergers and acquisitions, Oracle NetSuite’s private equity accounting software offers multi-currency functionality to streamline international transactions and onboarding new business processes from entities worldwide, seamlessly integrating them into a unified organization.

In addition to the latest in private equity accounting software, Oracle NetSuite also provides access to their Global Private Equity Practice:

NetSuite’s Global Private Equity practice drives value creation for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. The team advises clients on strategic due diligence, carve-outs and add-on acquisitions with performance and front/back office synergies as the driving force to attain incremental EBITDA.

Flexibility and Scalability

Oracle NetSuite’s private equity accounting software is also flexible, so you can tailor it to your specific needs, keeping the interface focused on the tools that are most useful to your team without the extra visual clutter of unused features.

Because it’s cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, at any time. You can keep track of all details for multiple transactions in one central location, and you don’t have to worry about losing data or dealing with several different software programs.

The software is also a full lifecycle solution, growing and expanding as your company does, enabling you to stay with the software with which you are familiar instead of spending valuable time and effort transitioning to new and unfamiliar software once your growth has exceeded the functionality of your current system.

Guided Implementation by Finlyte

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for private equity accounting software, Oracle NetSuite is the perfect choice.

Finlyte can guide you every step of the way in implementing, customizing, and utilizing Oracle NetSuite for your private equity accounting software. With our extensive experience in guiding investment firms and other organizations, we can ensure an uncomplicated transition, a smooth onboarding process, and continued support as you learn the system and its features.

If you’re interested in how we can assist you in implementing Oracle NetSuite, contact us today to schedule a free assessment. We want to help your business succeed with the best private equity accounting software the industry has to offer.