What is the Typical NetSuite ERP Implementation Timeline?

A businesswoman reviewing her NetSuite ERP implementation timeline.

Growth can be exciting yet also very challenging at the same time. Business owners have to make numerous decisions about how to maintain positive momentum without straining their teams or operations.

Suppose your company is preparing to make the leap to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform such as Oracle NetSuite ERP. In that case, you may have questions about how long the transition will take so that you can minimize disruption.

While the exact NetSuite ERP implementation timeline will vary from company to company, there are some typical mile markers on the journey to complete implementation. Let’s dive in so that you can allocate resources accordingly and prepare for a successful migration.

NetSuite ERP Implementation Timeline for Your Company

When you partner with Finlyte to support the NetSuite migration, we follow a proven process to implement the core functionality of NetSuite, incorporate additional features, and handle any custom requirements. Consider our standard timeline to complete the process.

NetSuite Activation: Standard Implementation Support

The first step in the timeline is NetSuite Activation, which typically is a 45-day process. Our team will provide guided assistance to activate the “out-of-the-box” features and get NetSuite up and running for your team.

For a standard NetSuite implementation project, we perform the following activities to set up the platform for your entity:

  • Provide access to a dedicated Finlyte accounting professional assigned to the activation project.
  • Participate in all client meetings and serve as your advisor with the NetSuite launch team.
  • Assist with data migration efforts from your previous business and accounting software platforms.
  • Help populate NetSuite templates during the data migration process.
  • Participate in the process of verifying the data migrated to NetSuite.
  • Host training and coaching sessions with your team on how to utilize NetSuite.
  • Execute a successful handoff from NetSuite to your company on Day 45.

As mentioned before, every project is different. Some companies have a tremendous amount of data to migrate from multiple pieces of software into NetSuite. Or other companies have duplicate files or disconnected data that needs to be reconciled, cleaned, and imported.

Before we start the activation process, we will sit down with your team to review the present state of your business, data, and software platforms. We’ll develop a roadmap for success that minimizes disruption for your team and sets everything on the path to success.

Ultimately, our goal is to prepare your team to be “up to speed” on NetSuite so they can confidently use the platform on Day 46 and beyond.

Additional Timeline Considerations

The 45-day activation process covers the core functionality of NetSuite that comes standard in the ERP platform. However, you may be interested in additional features to maximize your investment.

We can set up added features during the initial implementation project. Depending on the bundle(s) you select, this may extend the timeline. We will communicate any adjustments to the ERP implementation timeline upfront. Some of the available add-ons include the following:

  • Financial Management Package: our advanced financials bundle includes additional budgets, allocation tables, and prepaid accounts.
  • Inventory Management Package: selecting this package will enable you to then select our Assembly Build & Work Order Package and/or Order to Cash add-on Package.
  • Assembly Build & Work Order Package: this package includes three tiers to set up 6-60 items depending on the needs of your company.
  • Order to Cash add-on Package: this package includes the NetSuite order to cash / return to debit process. It includes one record form/layout for key activities such as shipping receipts, sales orders, and company/contact master forms.
  • Demand Planning Package: you can maximize the capabilities of your supply chain using the demand planning features available for NetSuite.
  • Addition of Standard CRM: bring all of your customer data into NetSuite to improve visibility and support customer relationships.

Each add-on comes with training from the Finlyte team. We will work with end users and other stakeholders on the functional processes included in each bundle.

The training is designed to educate users on how to complete standard business processes within the NetSuite system, as based on NetSuite best practices.

Need Third-Party Integrations or Customization?

Your company may have already invested in software for a specific business purpose that you need to integrate with NetSuite. We can certainly work with third-party integrations during the implementation stage.

We can also support NetSuite customizations and implement add-on modules beyond the standard packages and bundles highlighted above. However, additional project work beyond the standard implementation project could extend the timeline.

If you require third-party integrations, customizations, or additional modules, we recommend bringing those up to our team on the front end. Then, we can get started on labor-intensive projects. This way, we can do our best to satisfy expectations for the implementation project.

Talk to Finlyte Today About Implementing NetSuite

Our team of experts are equipped to handle your NetSuite implementation project. Finlyte represents the highest industry standards in ERP implementation and support services, as highlighted by our designation as a SuiteSuccess Certified company.

Ultimately, our goal is to deliver NetSuite according to your requirements within the ERP implementation timeline so that you can stay focused on growth. We look forward to working with your team and supporting operations during the transition.

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