BPO NetSuite Solutions for a Growing Business

Growing business evaluating their BPO NetSuite Solutions.

Seeing the fruits of your hard work translate into measurable business growth is an incredibly exciting experience. That said, it’s important to keep your momentum going once you’ve built up a strong head of steam.

The question is, how can you further accelerate your growth without overtaxing your in-house resources? The answer involves combining business process outsourcing (BPO) with NetSuite’s robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.

BPO NetSuite solutions combine outsourced talent with the leading accounting solution for businesses. On their own, NetSuite and BPO services can help you maintain your forward movement. Together, these solutions can enable you to shatter your growth goals and make it easier to focus on core business functions. 

Let’s examine the BPO solutions from NetSuite and showcase why this combination of services is right for your business.

Why NetSuite for Business Process Outsourcing?

First things first: why NetSuite for BPO?

There are countless accounting and ERP platforms out there, and some are even purpose-built for small businesses. While that may be true, those small business solutions typically provide a narrow set of tools and features. More importantly, they usually can’t scale with your business, at least not very well.

Let’s be realistic — you don’t want to stay the same size. You want to continue building your company to serve more customers and reach higher heights of success. That’s exactly why you should migrate to NetSuite ERP.

The NetSuite ecosystem includes more than a dozen different modules. When implementing the platform, you can choose precisely which tools and modules to deploy. You can even configure each application to align with the unique needs of your business.

In addition to providing a tailored experience, NetSuite also offers the following benefits.

A Single Source of Truth

Have you ever wasted several hours trying to track down a physical document or obscure file on one of your disparate apps? If so, it’s likely something you never want to experience again. 

With NetSuite, you won’t have to. Once you migrate to this dynamic platform, all your business data will be housed in one convenient centralized location. Need to find a file? Just search for it in NetSuite.

NetSuite doesn’t just make it easy to find documents by consolidating your data. The single source of truth also prevents data errors and discrepancies.

Your team will no longer have to manually transfer data from app to app. Instead, all inbound data will automatically be transferred to the ERP platform to support bookkeeping, accounting, and other critical business processes.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Data-driven decision-making is integral to business growth. But when data is siloed across multiple applications, it’s tough to access – much less analyze and leverage – your business data.

NetSuite has advanced reporting tools built right into the platform. Since all your data is already in the system, you can use their tools to generate real-time business insights. These reports can inform decision-making and help you make the most of new business opportunities.

Superior Scalability

Want to prepare your business for the challenges of tomorrow? If so, you need NetSuite. This cloud-based platform can evolve with your company. As your accounting needs change, you can add more users, implement new modules, and access additional computing resources.

As an added benefit, Oracle continuously looks for ways to improve NetSuite. With each upgrade comes enhanced performance and exciting new features. As a result, you’ll always have access to the latest accounting features and continue to thrive.

Why Business Process Outsourcing?

While you probably already understand the benefits of business process outsourcing, you may be wondering why you should tap into the advantages of BPO through NetSuite.

Powering your BPO services with NetSuite serves two key purposes:

  1. Most importantly, the platform makes it easy to manage critical business tasks when working with an outsourcing partner. You and your BPO service provider, such as our team at Finlyte, can access relevant organizational data through a shared interface, meaning you’ll always be in the loop.
  2. The shared interface addresses a common challenge associated with outsourcing business functions: information sharing.

When you embrace BPO NetSuite solutions, your outsourcing partner can manage all of your back-office processes without constantly pestering you to share documents and data. And you’ll be able to retain control and oversight of your business, as you’ll have access to NetSuite’s reporting and accounting application.

Why Finlyte for NetSuite BPO?

Finlyte offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to support the back office. We also have a team of NetSuite migration experts that can facilitate a seamless migration to Oracle’s industry-leading ERP platform.

We’ll help you prepare for the transition, oversee the migration, and offer post-deployment support. Once your transition is complete, we can offer comprehensive business process outsourcing services specifically tailored to your company.

We scale our delivery model based on your preferences. We can manage your entire back office, including:

  • Accounting 
  • Payroll
  • Human resources
  • Chief financial officer (CFO)

Alternatively, we can augment the capabilities of your in-house team or handle a single function, such as accounting. Whether you need us for some, most, or all of your processes, we’re ready to keep you growing.

Finlyte is the 2022 NetSuite Breakthrough BPO Partner of the Year for a reason. We built a system to make it easy to support critical back-office processes through NetSuite during rapid growth.

Schedule a consultation with Finlyte about our BPO NetSuite solutions to get started.