Seeking Venture Capital Deal Flow Software? Use NetSuite

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Investing in venture capital deal flow software can be a game-changer for venture capital firms. You can better serve clients, manage more portfolios, and grow your business with the right software in place.

To achieve your goals, we recommend the best-in-class Oracle NetSuite ERP platform. This robust platform includes the tools, modules, and capabilities to streamline deal flow management. Find out more.

Why NetSuite as Your Venture Capital Deal Flow Software?

NetSuite will enable you to create custom workflows, gain superior insights into portfolios, and make data-driven investment decisions that deliver real value for your investors. Your venture capital firm will be able to realize these tangible benefits.

Save Time

One of the core benefits of Oracle NetSuite is that it will save you and your team members a tremendous amount of time. The software includes customizable automation tools to track deals, guide investment decisions, and perform traditionally manual data entry tasks.

In turn, this will enable you to more effectively manage your deal flow pipeline, take on additional investments, and deliver better value to your existing investor base.

Support Deals

As part of your fiduciary duties, your firm must perform thorough due diligence on behalf of your investors. However, menial tasks often get in the way and take up significant time.

Oracle NetSuite can automate these redundant tasks, which will free up more time for you to focus on more meaningful activities. Ultimately, this will support business growth and increase your ability to close deals.

Access Real-Time Insights

If you’re still managing your portfolios using old-school processes, spreadsheets, and disparate pieces of software, you might as well be working in the dark. This approach provides few (if any) real-time insights, meaning that you’re making most decisions using data that is days or weeks old.

Comparatively, NetSuite ERP provides real-time insights because it uses a network of interconnected applications, tools, and modules. As a result, you can access up-to-the-minute data at the touch of a button.

Maximize Your ROI with our ION Solution

NetSuite contains a wealth of tools and features that can help you modernize how you manage venture capital deals. But which ones are the right fit for you? Our expert team at Finlyte knows how to match up your firm’s needs with the capabilities of NetSuite, helping you generate a positive ROI on your investment.

Our proprietary solution, ION, was purpose-built for the needs of venture capital and investment firms. Our unique, powerful solution enhances the capabilities of NetSuite, transforming it into the ideal investment prospecting tool for your firm.

Through the power of ION, you can use NetSuite to support critical activity:

  • Automate distributions
  • Trail expenses
  • Create detailed audit trails
  • Generate insightful reports
  • Streamline underwriting

Our solution enhances NetSuite and expedites the implementation timeline for this sophisticated platform. Ultimately, ION decreases your time to value and optimizes the return on investment of your new software solution.

Are you ready to tap into the true potential of your business? If so, it’s time to implement NetSuite with the support of our dedicated solution for the financial community.

Connect with Finlyte to Learn More

When supported by our ION solution, NetSuite is the ideal venture capital deal flow software solution for your firm. These powerful technologies will provide you with real-time insights that you can use to make informed investment decisions and act in each investor’s best interests.

To learn more about the benefits of implementing NetSuite, schedule a consultation with Finlyte. Our dynamic team can oversee your NetSuite implementation project and leverage our ION solution to customize the platform based on your firm’s unique needs.

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