Ready to Advance from QuickBooks to the Oracle|NetSuite ERP System?

Growing businesses can achieve transformative success migrating from QuickBooks to the Oracle|NetSuite ERP System

There comes a point in any growing organization where your technology or software resources can no longer keep up with the business need.

Perhaps you are entering new markets, expanding operations into new locations, rapidly adding customers, or pursuing M&A activity. If you started with QuickBooks as your accounting software solution and used other applications to manage various business processes, then it could be time to consider advancing to the cloud based Oracle NetSuite ERP solution to support the entire business.

Specific to QuickBooks, this software tool is ideal for basic-level accounting and business functions, such as keeping track of business revenue and expenses, managing cash flow, executing payroll, reconciling transactions in the general ledger, and monitoring accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Comparatively, the Oracle|NetSuite ERP System will help you advance to the next level of streamlining accounting, finance, inventory, and business process management in one platform so that you can make critical business decisions in real-time.

Why is Oracle NetSuite ERP a Worthwhile Investment?

There are many great benefits of advancing from QuickBooks to Oracle NetSuite ERP:

  • Support complex accounting and financial situations as your company grows.
  • Automate processes to create time-savings for your team.
  • Eliminate manual processes to increase accuracy in financial management.
  • Increase visibility across business units to support enterprise resource planning.
  • Create custom dashboards for each role or employee in your company.
  • Produce detailed reports in real-time to support decision-making.
  • Grow your business with the global leader in cloud based databases.

What links together each of these benefits is the opportunity to see the entire business in one software suite. No longer do you need QuickBooks for basic accounting and finance processes, another piece of software for supply chain management, and spreadsheets to manually reconcile transactions across business units. You also don’t need to maintain several instances of Quickbooks to see a consolidated view into your financials.

What about things like HR, sales and marketing, procurement, or eCommerce? Yes, NetSuite offers an entire suite of cloud applications beyond accounting to provide your growing company with the necessary tools to increase operational efficiency.

By tapping into the Oracle|NetSuite ERP cloud and extended Oracle applications, you could achieve cost-savings through a reduction in the total cost of ownership and consolidate your “tech stack” into just one provider.

Instead of owning several pieces of disparate software solutions to support various business functions, you can support your growing company through one cloud solution. This provides you and your team with unmatched visibility into business performance and financial activity in one comprehensive view.

How Does Migrating to the Oracle|NetSuite ERP System Work?

We know this is a big transition. It’s a transformative process that is necessary to support the new business need and help you achieve growth objectives. That’s why we recommend working with an expert NetSuite implementation partner such as Finlyte to make the transition as smooth as possible while keeping disruptions to a minimum so that your team can continue to perform.

We provide a full concierge experience from the beginning of your ERP software evaluation to the completion of your project. We have a proven track record of success with over 135 customers and are authorized to provide NetSuite implementation services using the industry-leading SuiteSuccess methodology.

We follow the SuiteSuccess model with every project to ensure client success and predictable project delivery:

  • Finlyte NetSuite Services
  • Planning, Architecture, and Implementation
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • PMI Standard Project Management
  • Post Go-Live Optimization
  • Ongoing Ad Hoc or Recurring Support

The Lyte Advantage of working with our team for NetSuite ERP implementation is that we are 100 percent focused on the Oracle|NetSuite ERP System. This is what we do. Now, you can leverage our industry credibility and our expertise in the leading cloud-based ERP system in the market to help your business continue to grow.

What Are the Results of Migrating to Oracle NetSuite ERP?

Companies experience their own success story migrating to the Oracle|NetSuite ERP System. For some companies, the primary result is achieving unrestrained growth in one area of the business. For other companies, the primary result is realizing tremendous cost savings to keep more money in the company to fuel growth.

In a recent survey, actual Oracle NetSuite customers reported the following results after migrating to the NetSuite ERP software solution:

Growth KPIs

  • 80% increase in business insights
  • 10% improvement in revenue performance
  • 5% increase in gross margins

Savings KPIs

  • 80% reduction in customer backorders
  • 75% reduction in resource costs
  • 30% reduction in inventory costs

It’s no coincidence that the top growth and savings KPIs are related. When you have timely access to business insights, then you can make informed business decisions in real-time to prevent costly delays. It’s a completely transformative approach to growing your business. That’s the power of Oracle NetSuite ERP.

Utilize Finlyte to Migrate from QuickBooks to Oracle NetSuite

If you are ready to make the jump from QuickBooks to the Oracle NetSuite ERP software platform, we can help you each step of the way. Through our NetSuite ERP implementation service, we will plan and configure the best ERP implementation solution for your company.

We employ industry best practices, clearly define the functional and technical requirements required on your end to minimize disruption, outline project budgets, and provide continuous support to help transform your organization to the next level.

Including Oracle NetSuite in your business growth plans is a smart decision. Contact us today to discuss your current business situation, current use of QuickBooks, and how to take the first step toward utilizing Oracle NetSuite ERP. We’re here to help!