It’s Skinny Pasta: Supporting Omni-Channel Growth with Finlyte and NetSuite

It’s Skinny Pasta sells healthy noodles through several retail channels

It’s Skinny Pasta is a leading provider of naturally gluten-free, vegan, kosher, paleo, and keto-friendly noodles. Customers can purchase these noodles, which are a plant-based alternative to traditional pasta, through multiple channels.

It’s Skinny Pasta sells online on Amazon, has agreements with big-box grocery stores such as ShopRite and Market Basket to grab their shelf space, and sells internationally to distributors in other territories. The company is also in the process of launching a direct-to-consumer eComm storefront and a Walmart storefront to continue expanding its reach.

At Finlyte, we understand the unique business needs of omni-channel retailers that are rapidly expanding and trying to keep up with their customers, especially in this current era of increased eComm demand following the pandemic. That’s why we appreciated the opportunity to work with It’s Skinny Pasta to implement the Oracle NetSuite ERP platform and provide outsourced accounting services to support the company as they grow.

Why Did It’s Skinny Pasta Choose to Work with Finlyte?

The leadership team of It’s Skinny Pasta was looking for an alternative to QuickBooks that could handle more complex accounting, finance, and business processes during their current growth phase. According to Bryan Guadagno, the co-founder of It’s Skinny Pasta, the company wanted to use a software platform that could ultimately become a global ERP.

We first started working with It’s Skinny Pasta to provide accounting-based functionality through NetSuite ERP. We supplemented their ERP technology with outsourced bookkeeping services, which saved the company time, cost, and effort from not having to staff those accounting roles. This met the company’s need for a global solution around bookkeeping and technology.

The inventory management functionality of NetSuite was also attractive. As the company continues to grow, we anticipate helping It’s Skinny Pasta tap into more of the robust inventory capabilities that are built into Oracle NetSuite. This will ensure that It’s Skinny Pasta can continue to track their growing inventory to produce accurate financial statements.

The Advantage of Working With An Expert Support Team

One of the advantages of working with our company is that we truly become part of each client’s team. We appreciate that It’s Skinny Pasta had complete confidence in our ability to meet their ongoing needs. One area, in particular, was helping to keep costs down at their stage of growth.

For growing companies or scaling companies that are looking to increase revenue faster than they incur costs, it’s important to stay lean without sacrificing quality or performance. In the case of It’s Skinny Pasta, the company benefited from our services to keep their team lean, to know that their ERP system would be managed, and to have peace of mind that their bookkeeping would be handled correctly.

“We needed a technology and business partner to help us set up an ERP system we could grow with. We were looking for an organization who could also handle regular parts of our business processes while we make sure to grow our team at a responsible pace,” says Bryan. “Finlyte has helped with both the technology and the resource help we needed, and we’ve enjoyed working on even more projects together.”

Contact Us For Support With Growing Business Needs

We appreciate the great working relationship we have with Bryan Guadagno and the It’s Skinny Pasta team. We know how important it is to have a partner on your side that you are comfortable with and that you can rely on for answers to complex accounting, finance, and business situations as you grow.

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