Save Time and Effort with NetSuite Business Processes

A business owner using NetSuite business processes.

In the early days of your business, managing core processes using a small set of simple, user-friendly software was probably a viable approach. However, as your company evolves, your technological needs also change.

We recommend the best-in-class Oracle NetSuite ERP platform to fuel your company’s growth. Find out how you can utilize NetSuite business processes to give you a competitive edge, save valuable time and energy, and strengthen your bottom line.

Why Use NetSuite Business Processes?

NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based solution designed to facilitate business process automation. The technology suite includes numerous modules and tools that can streamline the management of core business functions like accounting, customer relationship management, and more.

NetSuite ERP software can replace your disparate software suite and provide you with a unified database through which you can oversee all operations.

Signs Your Business Technology Needs an Upgrade

Before we shift our focus to the benefits of NetSuite business processes, let’s highlight some signs that your current technology solutions are undermining your growth. It may be time to upgrade to NetSuite if:

  • You lack real-time visibility into business performance
  • Manual processes are slowing productivity
  • Employees can’t share information or collaborate effectively
  • Your staff relies on three or more disparate systems to get work done
  • Managing the back office consumes more of your time than client-facing activities

If any or all of the above conditions apply to your situation, your business would undoubtedly benefit from implementing NetSuite ERP software.

Benefits of Making the Switch to NetSuite

By implementing NetSuite, your business can achieve the following objectives.

Improve Customer Service

Optimizing customer service should always be at the top of your priority list. However, if you’re relying on antiquated technologies to manage your business, it can be all too easy to get consumed by these tasks and lose sight of the customer experience.

NetSuite can give you access to unmatched business performance data and real-time insights that you can leverage in various ways:

  • Better understand the customer experience.
  • Identify points of friction.
  • Proactively address any potential issues you discover.

Additionally, NetSuite’s array of tools can help streamline back office management, giving you and your team more time to focus on customer-facing activities.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Time-consuming manual processes waste precious resources and negatively impact staff morale.

Let’s be realistic — no one wants to waste their day performing redundant, tedious data entry tasks for hours at a time. Your team members would much rather serve customers or complete dynamic tasks that challenge and engage them.

NetSuite is a great time-saving tool that will relay data across your entire network of applications via its powerful integrations. Your team will no longer have to re-enter data into multiple platforms.

Additionally, NetSuite features automation capabilities that can optimize historically tedious and inefficient workflows. The platform can automate marketing, sales, IT, administrative, and distribution functions. It’s not overstating things to say that NetSuite’s tools can positively impact every facet of your business.

Reduce Operational Costs

NetSuite’s accounting modules can help your business reduce numerous expenses, including payroll and operating costs. Its diverse accounting tools can also protect your cash flow by streamlining invoicing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable processes.

With NetSuite, you can gain real-time visibility into the financial health of your business. You can use these insights to identify wasteful spending practices and implement better procedures. The platform also enables you to guard against data entry errors by eliminating the need for redundant manual reporting.

Utilizing NetSuite can keep your payroll from becoming bloated as well. Its sophisticated automation tools allow you to better manage your mission-critical processes without taking on or retaining an excessive number of staff members, which can translate to hundreds of thousands in savings.

More Effectively Allocate Resources

Effectively allocating resources is critical to the success of any business. When your resources are improperly or inefficiently allocated, productivity suffers, and waste abounds. However, you can only effectively allocate your resources if you know what assets are available to you.

As a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution, NetSuite provides the reporting tools necessary to precisely track and manage your business assets, including equipment, inventory, and staff. In turn, you can use this data to improve your resource allocation practices.

NetSuite’s resource planning tools are also designed to assist with predicting your company’s future needs. They’ll not only help you overcome the challenges of today but prepare for the unforeseen obstacles of tomorrow as well.

Want to Accelerate Your Implementation? Work with Finlyte

Transitioning from your existing management practices and legacy software to NetSuite business processes may seem daunting. But migrating to a robust platform like NetSuite is well worth the effort when you consider how much time, cost, and energy you stand to save.

Besides, you don’t have to navigate the hurdles associated with ERP software implementation alone. Instead, partner with Finlyte’s migration and implementation professionals.

Finlyte offers end-to-end migration management services that eliminate the hassle of implementing new software. Our NetSuite experts can plan your deployment, configure the platform to align with your needs, and provide much-needed support to help you tap into the full power of this remarkable technology suite.

To learn more about the migration process or inquire about our implementation services, contact Finlyte today. We are eager to support your growth plans through the power of NetSuite ERP.