Strategic Capital

Finlyte’s best-in-class Central Office Services platform, technology, and extensive financial and managerial expertise enables our capital partners to assess value, structure and negotiate transactions, and implement focused operating plans.  We are comfortable evaluating investment opportunities across a variety of industries, different stages of development, and even pressing financial situations.

Target companies for investment consideration typically have revenues between $5 million to $20 million, dependent on their industry and stage of development.  This revenue range aligns well with the target market for Finlyte’s Central Office Services creating a disciplined framework for investment oversight and business plan execution.  We generally prefer companies with a history of revenue and positive EBITDA, or a clear path to profitability, a highly-defensible position in their respective markets, and a core of capable management that remains post-investment.

Please contact one of our partners with your confidential inquiry.  We welcome the conversation.


Finlyte offers a Highly Competitive and Unique Combination to entrepreneurs, management teams, and co-investors to accelerate financial performance, streamline operations by leveraging shared services, and access to a deep bench of experienced professionals.  This combination creates an exceptional platform for investment oversight, business plan execution, and opportunity to build sustainable, long-term value.